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Bird Surveys
Since 2002 the Perth Biodiversity Project and Birds Australia WA have been conducting bird surveys in Local Government Reserves.

The purpose of the bird surveys is to undertake an inventory of bird species on the Reserves and, where possible, to link bird survey information with management and conservation strategies. The project also aims to raise awareness of biodiversity assets in Metropolitan Reserves amongst participating Local Governments and the community. To-date, three rounds of surveys have been completed and reported on, the most recent in May 2006.

The surveys are conducted by a loyal band of Birds Australia WA volunteers. Information on the surveys and Reserve species lists can be found in the following publications:
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Bird Surveys in Selected Perth Metropolitan Reserves: Rounds 1 and 2 Survey Reports
Site reports for all reserves in survey Rounds 1 and 2 (Note: file is 4Mb).
Bird Surveys in Selected Perth Metropolitan Reserves
Details the survey methods, provides a regional overview of the status of birds in the Perth region, and includes preliminary Round 1 survey site reports.
Bird Surveys in Selected Perth Metropolitan Reserves: Round 3 Survey Report

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