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Geraldton Regional Conservation Report

The Geraldton Regional Conservation Report identifies priority areas for biodiversity conservation through retention, protection and those areas where biodiversity conservation can be improved through restoration. Recommendations on how to use the presented information are listed, including its limitations. 

The study area covered by the Conservation Report includes 32,410ha spread over portions of the Shire of Chapman Valley and the City of Greater Geraldton. The study area boundary is identical to that used in the Geraldton Regional Flora and Vegetation Study (GRFVS) published by the Western Australian Planning Commission in 2010.  This Conservation Report represents Phase Two of the GRFVS: conservation and regional planning.

The Conservation Report consists of several components; Volume 1 describes the methodology for prioritisation of natural areas for conservation including recommendations for conservation actions and the Appendices include supporting technical information. Use the following links to download the Conservation Report and appendices:

Geraldton Regional Conservation Report Volume 1

Appendix A: Maps

Appendix B: Tables

Appendix C & D: Results of NatureMap search and the EPBC Act Protected Matters search

Appendix E: Regional and Local Ecological Linkages

Appendix F: Recommendations for Indicative High Conservation Value Areas

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