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Services & Resources
Services & Resources

Since the project began in 2001, LBP worked to build Local Governments capacity to plan and manage biodiversity. A number of documents/tools, interlinked projects and programs, providing services, grants and awards were developed to assist Local Governments in biodiversity conservation.


·         The Local Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines

·         The Local Government Guidelines for Bushland Management in the Perth and Coastal South-West NRM Regions, WA


·         Environmental Planning Tool 

·         Natural Area Initial Assessment (NAIA) Templates

·         Natural Area Initial Assessment (NAIA) Database

·         Mapping and Information

Interlinked Projects and Programs

·         Regional Framework for Local Biodiversity Conservation Priorities for Perth and Peel 

·         Perth Region Plant Biodiversity Project


·         Targeted Grants Project 

·         Milestone Awards Program

·         Local Nature Spot Project


Some of the tools and services are now being provided for a fee, but the technical advice to develop Local Biodiversity Strategies cannot be delivered at this point in time.

Services currently available

·         Environmental Planning Tool,

·         Natural Area Managers Network (NAMN) and Biodiversity Planners Forums

·         Regional NAIA Database (available but not updated at this time); and

·         Local Government Guidelines for Bushland Management (currently under review)

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