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Guidelines - Merging Local Biodiversity Strategies
Veg connectivity analysis -Indian Ocean Dr Report
Geraldton Conservation Report
Integration of Biodiversity into Local Land Use
Local Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines
Local Government Guidelines for Bushland Management
1. Title page & Acknowledgements pp1-2
2. Table of Contents p3
3. About these Guidelines pp4-7
4. Part A: How to Prioritise Management Actions pp7-18
5. Part B: Bushland Management Guidelines – Management Considerations p19
6. Part B1. Acid Sulfate Soils p20
7. Part B2. Community Involvement pp21-22
8. Part B3. Controlling Unauthorised Access and Incompatible Use of Natural Areas pp23-26
9. Part B4. Cultural Heritage Preservation p26
10. Part B5. External Funding Opportunities p27
11. Part B6. Feral Animal Control p28
12. Part B7. Fire Management p29-31
13. Part B8. Fungi Management p32
14. Part B9. Herbicide Application in Natural Areas pp33-34
15. Part B10. Management of Newly Created Assets (Natural Areas) pp35
16. Part B11. Management of Unintentional Degradation (relating to neighbouring land use) p36
17. Part B12. Monitoring pp37-38
18. Part B13. Native Fauna Management p39
19. Part B14. Phytophthora Dieback Management pp40-41
20. Part B15. Regeneration/Restoration/ Revegetation/Rehabilitation pp42-44
21. Part B16. Seed Collection pp45-47
22. Part B17. Weed Management pp48-51
23. Part B18. Wetland and Waterways Management pp52-55
24. Appendix A: Natural Area Initial Assessment (NAIA) Templates & Ecological Prioritisation of Bushland Reserves pp56-61
25. Appendix B: Perth Biodiversity Project Natural Area Initial Assessment Summary (Del Marco, 2004) pp62-64
26. Appendix C: Guidance on Prioritising Locally Significant Natural Areas pp65-69
27. Appendix D: Example of Step 1 - Summary Statement (City of Wanneroo, 2008 - Local Natural Areas Overview) pp70-72
28. Appendix E: Management of Invasive Species Threat in WA p73
29. References p74
Case-study: Local Government trial of the Prioritisation of Bushland Management Actions process
Bird Surveys
Capacity of Perth's Local Governments to Conserve Biodiversity (2007)
Capacity of Perth's Local Governments to Conserve Biodiversity (2002)
Memorandum of Understanding
Regional Framework for Local Biodiversity
Perth Region Plant Biodiversity Project
File Index
1. Project Overview
3.Visiting a Bush Forever Reference Site
4.List of Bush Forever Reference Sites
5. How to Choose a Bush Forever Reference Site
6. Map of Bush Forever Reference Sites
7. Index to Bush Forever Reference Sites
8. References
9. Links to Other Useful Information
Bush Forever Reference Sites
Key to Site and Plot Species Lists
Key to Photo Reference Point Information
Key to Databased Plot Cover Sheets
Bush Forever Site 048
Bush Forever Site 089
Bush Forever Site 097
Bush Forever Site 201
Bush Forever Site 202
Bush Forever Site 204
Bush Forever Site 214
Bush Forever Site 218
Bush Forever Site 224
Bush Forever Site 244
Bush Forever Site 292
Bush Forever Site 293
Bush Forever Site 295
Bush Forever Site 299
Bush Forever Site 306
Bush Forever Site 307
Bush Forever Site 308
Bush Forever Site 312
Bush Forever Site 313
Bush Forever Site 315
Bush Forever Site 320
Bush Forever Site 321
Bush Forever Site 322
Bush Forever Site 325
Bush Forever Site 331
Bush Forever Site 333
Bush Forever Site 341
Bush Forever Site 345
Bush Forever Site 346
Bush Forever Site 348
Bush Forever Site 349
Bush Forever Site 352
Bush Forever Site 356
Bush Forever Site 360
Bush Forever Site 377
Bush Forever Site 387
Bush Forever Site 389
Bush Forever Site 395
Bush Forever Site 399
Bush Forever Site 491
Jarrah Forest Reference Sites
Northern Metropolitan Jarrah Forest Reference Sites
Southern Metropolitan Jarrah Forest Reference Sites
Targeted Grants
Local Nature Spot Project
Biodiversity Awards
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