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Perth Biodiversity Project Tools
Perth Biodiversity Project Tools

Various tools have been developed by the Perth Biodiversity Project in association with other agencies to assist Local Governments in planning for, and managing biodiversity. The ‘tools’ available include:

Regional Framework for Local Biodiversity Conservation Priorities for Perth and Peel was developed to provide a frame of reference for prioritising Local Natural Areas for conservation, building on the outcomes of Bush Forever, Swan Bioplan and the current conservation estate in the Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region Scheme areas. 

Environmental Planning Tool The Environmental Planning Tool (EPT) is a web based GIS tool providing mapping capabilities, data interpretation and the ability to interrogate data via an environmental desktop assessment tool. Users have access to hundreds of current datasets with helpful explanatory notes connected to each data layer, associated metadata, relevant contacts and the ability to run a desktop environmental assessment for project sites within minutes.

NAIA Templates designed for Local Governments to collect information about the ecological values of natural areas (reserves) within their boundaries.

NAIA Database was developed to store the information collected by Local Governments using the NAIA Templates.

Mapping and Information provides data on remnant vegetation extent to each participating Local Government and key community groups. This information will assist in local biodiversity conservation planning and in the development and implementation of biodiversity protection and management activities.

Perth Region Plant Biodiversity Reference Sites – Information on ecological information for 47 sites representative of a range of plant communities found in the Perth Region can be used to inform natural area management techniques.

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